Bozi Dar, the Ore Mountains (Krusne hory)

Bozi Dar, the highest situated town in Central Europe, is within a stone’s throw of the German border. And only about 4 km away from Klinovec, the very highest peak of the Ore Mountains (Krusne hory). It is this ideal position in the heart of forested hills what makes Bozi Dar a real magnet for sports lovers not only in winter season but in summer too. Today you could hardly find any silver in the surroundings of this former mining town, but you can enjoy beautiful countryside with marked tourist and cycling tracks as well as trails for cross-country skiing.

In spite of the burden of hard life in remote Sudetenland, the Ore Mountains used to be surprisingly populated in the past. You can learn about the history of no more existing villages in several museums or during your trips through the countryside. We can recommend for example nature trails Blatensky prikop (Blatensky channel), Vlci jamy (Wolf pits) or Jachymovske peklo (Jachymov’s hell). Something a little bit different is so called Jeziskova cesta (Jezisek’s trail), designed for kids.

If you are most interested in skiing or snowboarding, Bozi dar won’t certainly let you down. Ski area Novako with its gentle slope is ideal for children and beginners. So is the ski slope behind the hotel Praha with a ski lift that can take you to the popular ski area Neklid. Experienced skiers will be surely happy at the Klinovec mountain where you can choose from much steeper slopes. There are also many kilometres of maintained trails for cross-country skiing around Bozi Dar.

In summer just switch skis with a mountain bike or nordic walking poles and set out to explore the hidden beauties of the Ore Mountains and the fresh purity of mountain air. No matter how you are going to spend your holiday, you will simply fell in love with this place.